Parkhill Farm

Parkhill Farm occupies a 71 hectare site on the low coastal hills at Haumoana where it overlooks surrounding vineyards to the Hawkes Bay coast. This landscape is one of transition; lying between the intensive agriculture of the Heretaunga Plains and the scenic pastoral ranges of the TukiTuki Special Character Zone. The farm utilizes this mixed landscape pattern by integrating both qualities with an overriding sense of permeability.

Inspired by the surrounding productive landscape and coastal outlook, the proposals for Parkhill Farm evolved with the vision to maintain a practical, viable farm into which house lots have been immersed. The mixed use proposal was to be undertaken in a sensitive manner that responded to existing land use patterns and maintained the visual integrity of the wider landscape. The objective within the site was to retain the sites authentic rural appeal and avoid a picturesque park.

Patrick Corfe Landscape Architects were awarded a ‘Gold Award’ in the Rural/Park/ Residential design category as well as an ‘Award of Excellence for Sustainability’ for Parkhill Farm in the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architecture Pride of Place Awards.