Cenotaph, Waikumete Cemetery

The PCLA detail design plans for the upgrade of the cenotaph include rationalising the use of materials to the surrounds of the cenotaph and provide a simple pedestal base to the existing monument.  In this high profile location, it was important to respect the heritage of the memorial while also offering a cohesive context for the obelisk and the context for annual events.

The existing plaster base surrounds to cenotaph obelisk were clad in stone veneer and repeated granite finishes.  Two crescent shaped low seat walls, each side of the obelisk pedestal, curved walls assist with taking up level change on sloping surface and replace rough boulder groupings.  The surrounding curved wall height varies from 450mm up to 990mm.  These crescent walls frame the cenotaph obelisk on two sides and provide for pedestrian seating.  The site is a centrepiece to a roading roundabout area and was to be durable and able to cope with parade events and RSA gatherings.

The granite stone finishes used for the pedestal and two curved walls was intended to reflect the dignity and endurance of earlier stone finishes but not to match its pitted surfaces.  The emphasis was placed on the immediate surrounds to the obelisk to facilitate continued easy access and parade/memorial activity to around this local landmark.