Papakura South Cemetery, Gatland Road

The masterplan process culminated in enabling works with recontouring to even grades across the cemetery.  The PCLA masterplan and detail designs confirmed circulation and pathways, hearse access and key amenity hubs, key pedestrian routes to extend for southern development, with paths giving access to continued burial and ash commemoration.  Integrated services included new septic system, irrigation field, revitalised pond for stormwater and extensive stormwater drainage.

Beam patterns were laid out and extend from committal shelter and toilet to south boundary.  The detail design includes for curved children’s beams/plantings.  Children’s terrace with furniture, ash scattering zone and furniture in associated circular seating area.  Drainage was installed under South Division double beams and most footpaths.  The existing stormwater ponds were replanted and all livestock excluded from the cemetery.  Tree plantings now surround the pond and structure the landscape defining burial areas.  As these trees mature the open field of pasture is transitioning to a parkland feel of generous lawns and clear stemmed specimen trees.