Hamilton Park Cemetery

PCLA prepared a long term masterplan layout that forecasts another 65 years of active burial landuse.  Future growth to be visually integrated and to reinforce well established themes while incorporating a range of new facilities.  The park land identity was to extend with the expansion to include lawn berms with mature trees in open space or grass areas.  Extending formal plantings with hedges and avenues, responding to informal and exotic vegetation while encouraging natives, regeneration into gully system and natural burial area.  Memorial groves and stands of trees were also featured.

The roading circulation was to enable a programmed access to extended burial phases that following earlier alignments.  Accompanying infrastructure to include depot, mausoleums, ash burial berms, natural burial, children’s/stillborn burial, committal shelter, toilet facilities, gathering space, reception, shared with management office, meeting rooms and park records/admin.  Also spillout social areas, various size events, terrace, new entrance gateway, formalise single public access, new roading