North Shore Memorial Park

Patrick Corfe Landscape Architects Ltd began work at North Shore Memorial Park in 1994 with the 30 year development plan. The development plan documents included plans and sketches and indicated the staged development, drainage and circulation of the cemetery.From these early plans PCLA have helped plan and establish built structures, planting, and berm orientation and layout. Our work has continued as the land develops with the implementation of several shelters and memorial walls.

Patrick has been able to support the expansion of the cemetery throughout as Northern Division as various stages were implemented.  The South Division masterplan prepared by PCLA was approved in 2011 and extended with developed design in 2016/17.  This includes circular amenity hubs, curved ash walls, small parking areas, toilets and path systems.  An outline of total burial capacity was prepared and berms patterned to respond to the proposed recontouring.  Designs included the upper node and children’s area which reflected earlier well established circular themes and matching yellow brick finishes.

Extensive plantings were proposed both to the internal roading system, concentrated low gardens and areas of simplified massed plantings.  The open spacious lawn parkland was to extend the current identity of the park to provide for another 30 years of burial landuse, taking advantage of the wide views and open western panorama.