Waitakere Views

PCLA detail design and documentation included earthworks, burial beams, retaining, ash niche terrace and planting plans, creating an integrated combination of ash/burial commemoration.  Recontouring to merge levels, adjust gradients and replace ineffective earlier work.  The design makes creative use of level change to build into slope semi‑circular viewing terrace and columbarium.  This polished granite niche wall was curved and supported the bank behind.  Retaining to achieve gradients meant a substantial block wall faced with two levels of niches in a shallow crescent.

Beams aligned for efficient grass mowing and continuous lawn across slopes.  The outlook includes views to the west at the Waitakere Ranges and an elevated terrace from which to raise visitors focus up to the sky.  Earlier incremental beams and access/concrete works were removed and pole wall retaining proposals rejected.  The emphasis was placed on a fully utilised slope optimising burial capacity while combing a niche wall to front a retaining wall.  The extent of works included drainage, access routes, furniture and planting to extend existing themes set up in the cemetery.