Tapu Point, Opua

Patrick Corfe Landscape Architects Ltd prepared the Landscape and Visual Assessment for Tapu Point, Opua in the Bay of Islands. The proposal included utilizing an established boat ramp and historical boat sheds to create a dwelling at the water’s edge. The intention was to restore a maritime activity and to facilitate a shared dwelling up to whose floor boards the tide would lap. Many of the boat maintenance and service aspects were to remain, along with continued pedestrian access across the small peninsula. The site is historically sensitive as it was a staging post for Maori waka travelling up stream at low tide. Alongside its historical significance the site continues to be visually sensitive with views to the site from the ferry route to Russell and from coastal homes in Opua. The site benefited from large mature Pine trees and Pohutukawa and an evaluation of the visual implications of the proposal made reference to these trees and the existing buildings. The impact of the building was evaluated from a range of viewpoints from land and water. Evidence was prepared by PCLA and submitted at hearings in Kaikohe. PCLA were responsible for subsequent adjustments to building form and location and the inclusion of stonewalls and planting.