Hawkes Bay Residence

Patrick was responsible for the wider landscape planning through to detailed design of the grounds around a classically Tuscan style villa set amongst mature trees with a spectacular outlook over Hawkes Bay. Expansive uninterrupted views are accompanied by the need for a sheltered and structured landscape. The design places an emphasis on enclosed courtyards, a walled scented garden, hedging and lavish plantings – mostly behind the homestead. The themed plantings, which were initiated well before building construction, are set amongst retained mature trees which contribute to the property’s’ well established feel. Dry stone walls front the property and edge the pool terrace and the courtyard fireplace. Substantial walls, pergolas and clear relationships between elements provide a good sense of permanence. These well defined spaces extend out from the house and lead off to tracks out across the property. The addition of a large waterfall and lake provides a welcome surprise and an elegant feature when viewed from several vantage points.

Hawkes Bay Residence 2

This hilltop home enjoys a wonderful outlook over the surrounding countryside towards Hawkes Bay. PCLA were responsible for all the planning and detailed design for the hard and soft landscape elements. An open loggia provides for alfresco cooking and outdoor dining that takes advantage of the spectacular view. The three outdoor rooms are protected from easterly breezes by an open fireplace and the sunken swimming pool is similarly sheltered.Through bifold doors the home spreads seamlessly out into the garden. Spacious lawns bring a relaxed feel to a landscape which is structured in layout. Water features at the front entrance and back courtyard restrict movement and define the gardens formal style. In the substantial vehicle court a personalised, giant star motif provides visitors with a taste of the owners artistic temperament.

Hawkes Bay Residence 3

This 100 acre site with stream and river frontage is defined by its exceptional topography. Proposals by PCLA included a new entrance, driveway access to two new house sites and extensive tree planting. Plans incorporated existing trees on the upper plateau and a long line of mature Lombardy Poplars. Planting proposals aimed to visually enhance the striking topography while defining spaces and land use (associated with either farm or homestead). The proposed principal house site and island/hill on the lower river terrace become the pivot around which views were reinforced across the farm and beyond to the adjacent countryside. Plantings are programmed well in advance of the proposed building design. Fencing and farm management are reorganised to sustain a design concept which considers the entire farm landscape.

Kaipara Residence

This fourteen bedroom retreat was designed as a centrepiece to a thriving deer farm. A haha (hidden ditch/fence) means the grazing deer appear to roam freely around the complex without fences interrupting the view from the homestead. Mature trees from the earlier farm provide a backdrop to outdoor activity areas. PCLA designed a swimming pool and decking platform including ample space for fixed and freestanding tables, chairs and umbrellas.
From the Lodge style accommodation guests can spill out into generous outdoor areas where sweeping lawns merge with adjacent pasture. The proposal works as a family home, for social events and corporate functions. Visitors relax in a totally rural setting only an hour out of Auckland.