The overall masterplan proposes curved fencelines for this 60ha farm situated in a coastal valley north of Matakana.  Our design approach was to expand on and reinforce aspects of the local identity.  To do this we have merged seamlessly the steep escarpments/ridge line vegetation with restricted livestock pasture and protected watercourses.  Extended vegetation patterns around pasture still maintain an overriding sense of spaciousness and permeability.  The floodplain-stormwater alleviation included restored wetland ponds and stream beds, expanses of marginal grasses alongside domestic, exotic farm scale tree plantings that spread out from the homestead.  This approach includes integrating ecological restoration with balanced massed plantings blending lowland, mid ground, lower and upper slopes of the property.

Rusticated timber details outside dovetailed into the timber panelled interior with lodge style scale.  Future potential house lots offer exceptional coastal views – temporarily given over to ‘glamping’ venues on the ridge crest.  Circulation and planting will establish a network of routes around the property and an oval field is managed to host events on special occasions.  Much of the design is a form of reverse engineering in recontouring the land to accentuate its potential to recreate a resilient meadow landscape with pockets of pasture.  Organic forms predominate and wide sweeping swales and recontoured watercourses maintain open longer views over the property.