Tui Project, Hawkes Bay

The “Tui Project” in Ongaonga builds upon its hilltop setting for a magnificent extended family homestead designed by the late Napier architect Paris Magdalinos.  This elongated progression of rooms extends living spaces out into the surrounds with generous elegant lawns.  Patrick was instrumental in advocating a similarly structured landscape for the property.  Immaculate wide arcs of lawn reflect the rhythms of the building and promote an uncultured geometry.  The gardens extend along and around the stretched architecture forming a network of interlinking and some isolated outdoor rooms.  Formal and informal portions combine with Asian, Persian style and native bird attracting plantings.  These gardens benefit from an extensive water reticulation system and water feature elements to complement the grand scale of open countryside and distant mountain ranges.  The garden development is set against the distant mountains and big sky that this vantage point offers.